My Vision

When I started teaching in 2005, I had a passion for history and social studies that I wanted to share with my students. As I grew and matured as an educator, I realized that in order for every student to reach his or her potential, teaching and learning as we knew it had to change. When the opportunity came to become a part of the Owensboro Public Schools Digital Initiative in 2010, I jumped at the chance. Serving as a digital curriculum developer and working in a leadership capacity provided me with valuable insights in not only how students learned but in how educators taught.

My vision for education is to create a learning environment where learners have equitable access to the tools necessary to reach their full potential; where teachers fuel innovation and support individual growth; and where learners become independent critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, courteous collaborators, and socially cognizant, active citizens.

Successfully securing that vision requires a comprehensive, multi-faceted plan of action that involves all stakeholders. However, I believe that my experience at the middle school, high school, and district level, in addition to my insights and research, qualifies me to serve as a leader who embodies the vision and who can provide guidance for teachers in the quest to create a thriving, vibrant community of life-long learners and leaders.

My educational philosophy continues to evolve as I continue my own learning journey, but I have modeled by teaching and leading around five core concepts: Personalized Learning, the Learning-Model Spectrum, the RAMP Model of Quality Instruction, the SAMR Model of Technology Use, and the Teacher Growth model. Use the links to read more about each of the concepts and how they are related to best-practice instruction.